500,000 Weekly

Validations & Modifications

72 Million


160 Million

Unique VINs

The Compliant Auto Resource Solution (CARS) file includes more than 160 million records with Names, Addresses, Full VIN, and other demographics. Xcelerated updates the CARS file monthly from numerous automobile transactional data sources including insurance, warranty and service provider data sources. As a result, the CARS file is not subject to the same use restrictions that apply to DMV data and is fully DPPA/Shelby Act compliant.


Xcelerated has developed a powerful and unique data solution for automotive marketing companies that eliminates the hassle of moving data, reduces errors and saves time. CARS+ is an easy-to-use single-platform solution that delivers fully-compliant vehicle records (year, make, model), credit score ranges and vehicle valuation data.

We solve the complex issue of multiple-provider platforms that automotive marketing firms rely on by combining several vital assets into one program.

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CARS+ Includes:

Integration with Black Book data values

Integration with Kelley Blue Book data values

Consumer score ranges

Much More

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