Compiled Lists

Vehicle Data

The Compliant Auto Resource Solution (CARS) file includes more than 160 million records with names, addresses, full VIN, and other demographics. Let us run counts and orders for you, or get access to our online counts and order system  "DataVast". API connection available as well

Business Data

With nearly 300 data attributes, our database offers a complete view of almost every business in the US. Our database of business records is updated in real time and features rich information including street address, phone number, hours of operation, number of employees, online presence, SIC code, business contacts, and much more

Fleet Vehicle Data

Reach businesses with fleets by size, contact names, phones, make, model and year with our registered commercial fleet vehicle database, or, our modeled option may be the right value for you. Fleet size model predicts the number of vehicles owned and/or used by a business depending on the headquarter/branch code

Consumer Data

The most accurate and powerful third party descriptive and touchpoint data on more than 250 million addressable consumers to reach U.S. audiences and enhance consumer experiences. Our consumer list is the premier provider of marketable consumer names and addresses for customer acquisition, retention and maximization of marketing efforts. Updated monthly and powered with high-quality data representing more than 1,500 attributes, 3,500 predictive models, and industry-leading name and address recognition.

New Movers

Weekly updates! New movers are ready to buy! They have moved into their new home and are looking to establish new relationships. Whether the products are sold in a store front or via the internet, reaching New movers at the right time puts you on the front line of growth and long-term customer loyalty. The list is multi-sourced and contains real property information from U.S. county recorder offices and a variety of national, regional and local consumer sources.

Electric Vehicles

Also included in the Compliant Auto Resource Solution (CARS) are more than 2 million electric car records.  Including names, addresses, full VIN, and other demographics. Let us run counts and orders for you, or get access to our online counts and order system  "DataVast". API connection available as well


Much like new movers, pre movers have a lot on their plate, and are likely in the market for much needed help. Identify pre movers in your area and customize your message to help them see how you can assist in making their transition as simple as possible.

I Sold It™

Our I Sold It™ database consists of consumers that have either traded-in or sold their vehicle to a dealership.
On average, 28,000 daily transactional VINs are processed on a weekly basis to determine the owner of the transaction. After matching and processing, about 300,000 full records are added to the I Sold It file each month. Records consist of name, addresses, transaction date, VIN, make, model, year; plus phone, email, and demographics where available.


Over 24 million bankruptcy records. Includes filing dates, dismissals, discharges, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. All data is standardized, CASS Certified and DPV coded. USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) is run as data is gathered, prior to submission to our master database.

Motorcycle Owners

These consumers are an excellent audience for a multitude of offers including motorcycle sales, maintenance and repair, insurance offers, aftermarket and motorcycle safety equipment. Multi-sourced from detailed surveys, point of purchase, and self-reported information, these motorcycle owners are selectable by manufacturer, as well as dozens of other demographic indicators. This list is updated monthly to ensure accuracy.

Recall Data

Recall notifications receive some of the highest response rates of any offer or promotion in the automotive vertical with 15%-25%. An estimated 45 Million Vehicles (1 in 6) on the road in the U.S. have incomplete recalls. with guaranteed warranty reimbursement for recall work performed and the opportunity to up-sell for service while bringing more traffic to the dealer showroom, recall marketing is a win/win for any dealership.


Direct Marketing at the Resident level using the most accurate and up-to-date addresses. The result is the power to reduce printing and postage costs while improving your response rate. Continuously updated using the power of the USPS postal carriers and their mainframe resulting in more than 46 million changes each week.