Address Services standardize and match addresses to the USPS database, capture changes of address and assign geographic coordinates to addresses.

These services are designed to make sure your data is not causing you any unnecessary postage costs. Ensuring your message makes it to the right person on time.


CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System™) is a certification process the USPS developed for processing mailing lists. CASS software will standardize your mailing list, update addresses and verify addresses are valid and complete. In order to qualify for bulk mail discounts, your list must be CASS certified. Even if you don’t need a discount, cleaning your address list and providing a complete address will speed up the delivery of your marketing piece.

CASS Standardization includes:

Locateable Address Conversion System (LACSLink™)

Delivery Point Validation (DPV)

Early Warning System (EWS) and Standard Zip + 4 Level of Match

Enhanced Line of Travel (eLOT™)


Xcelerated is a licensed provider of the USPS National Change of Address Database (NCOALink). Through our NCOALink service, your records can be compared to the most up-to-date address verification system available, ensuring you are mailing to the right person (and address).

The NCOALink database contains all permanent address changes submitted to and maintained by the USPS. Even multiple moves by an individual, household, or business are kept on file as long as the moves are made known to the USPS with a Change of Address notification card. Records in the NCOALink database are updated every 7 days.

Over 40 Million Americans Change Their Address Annually

23.4 million move within the same county

7.7 million move to a different county in the same state

7.6 million move to a different state

1.2 million move to a different country

PLEASE NOTE: You must process First-Class mail using NCOALink within 95 days of the mailing to receive discounts.


Approximately 20% of individuals and businesses do not file a valid Change of Address with the USPS. Xcelerated’s Proprietary Change of Address service uses data compiled from multiple sources to track these movers and then update your files by running the list against a database of over 500 million records.


Geocoding targets customers and prospects in a defined radius by applying geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude) to a data set. Xcelerated can apply geographic coordinates to a data set so you can map areas of interest.

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