List Enhancement

Whether you've purchased a new batch of leads, or you're utilizing your compiled customer database to execute your next direct marketing campaign, chances are you lack one or two elements in your list to stand out the way you hope. Consider a combination of the following data append services to add to your database, so you can maximize your marketing response rates.

Email Address

Email is a cost-effective direct marketing and customer retention tool. Xcelerated's email data services provide you with the most up-to-date email addresses to help you improve data quality and prevent your business from being blacklisted.

48-month NCOA

48-month NCOA can identify change of address moves and update your data with new addresses. We license the full 48-month NCOA file from the USPS which allows us to maximize the number of new addresses you will receive when processing your mailing list.

Phone Numbers

The XTR file includes over 500 million unique phone records and is one of the largest available databases of published and non-published phone numbers. Xcelerated compiles the XTR File daily from numerous government, carrier and commercial data sources.


Getting a clear and relevant picture of your customer / prospect allows you to market to them appropriately. Append lifestyle elements, income, age, presence of children, education, hobbies, lifestyle characteristics and more to your customer database.

Vehicle Values

Use Black Book or Kelley Blue Book values to print intriguing buy-back offers based on VIN and mileage.


Identify lost customers, infer vehicles that have been resold and better target your marketing efforts. AutoVINdication is the premier source for automotive intelligent marketing.

Recall Append

Recall notifications receive some of the highest response rates of any offer or promotion in the automotive vertical. An estimated 45 Million Vehicles (1 in 6) on the road in the U.S. have incomplete recalls. with guaranteed warranty reimbursement for recall work performed and the opportunity to up-sell for service while bringing more traffic to the dealer showroom, recall marketing is a win/win for any dealership.